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Dr Neil Stanley

Dr Neil Stanley has been in sleep research all his adult life and has just published
"How To Sleep  Well".

He is passionate, knowledgeable and a good public-speaker.

More info: http://www.thesleepconsultancy.com/

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Samantha Jackson, Ph.D

Over the years I have met many sleep sufferers and being able to help people understand how they are able to sleep better is incredibly rewarding and can be life changing. Having completed a doctorate in Biology I was welcomed into the commercial world of Lifestyle and Furnishings 22 years ago. I am a knowledgeable, honest and caring business woman and mother of two young children. Relationships through all walks of life are very important to me.



Charlie Oulton, B.Sc

A businessman and sleep sufferer.  Left the comfort of his successful family furniture business to "Help Everybody Sleep Better"