What’s the problem?

Sleep is a gift of nature. It restores. It refreshes. It revives.

If we don’t get enough of it we plod through life on half power. Many things can knock us out of normal sleeping patterns, including stress, back pain and fibromyalgia. But because sleep is natural to us, putting us back into good sleep habits is natural too.

TweakSleep helps you re-learn how to sleep well.

My sleep is now 7-8 hours a night and I don’t seem to be waking up during the night any more. All the talking and tips put into practice have helped me immensely.
— Nicola, 39. Newcastle

How it works

TweakSleep is an online service to help everyone sleep better. Using the information you provide, we connect you with a personal Sleep Coach who will work with you to help you improve your sleep, based on your individual needs.

To get started with a FREE one month trial of our service, follow these three simple steps. Don't worry, we will be in touch to guide you along the way.

1. Register

Register for our service and answer some quick questions about your current sleep situation.

2. Keep a Diary

Then, we will show you how to keep a Sleep Diary for two weeks to record how well you really sleep.

3. Consultation

In a private one-to-one consultation, your Sleep Coach will help you identify one Tweak to work on to improve your sleep. It's that easy.

It really is that easy to start making positive changes to improve your sleep. To start improving your sleep today, click the button below.