How we help

The TweakSleep Challenge is an upbeat, simple wellness programme that is guaranteed to get results.

The participants become engaged and more confident, better sleepers.

We are a holistic sleep service with a variety of interventions.

How we do it (Summary):

1. All staff are effectively screened about their sleep and the good sleepers (circa 50%) are finished after 4 questions and are not bothered further.

2. The remainder are offered the TweakSleep Challenge.

(a) A quick simple email each morning about their sleep.

(b) A sleep talk from an expert around the main issues.

(c) Individual 1-2-1 with a sleep coach to discuss their own performance and agreement of the single “ Tweak” to their routine that will be most beneficial to them.

(d) A fortnight of practise.

3. Overall company results with prizes for best departmental improvers.

Individual performance evaluation and graduation for the improvers.