The Gift of Good Sleep

I slept badly for ten years without knowing it. Then one day I got treatment for the apnoea that was at the root of the problem. What a transformation! I woke every morning feeling as if I was turbo-charged. Ever since, I’ve understood the benefit of good sleep.

But it raised a question in my mind: what if I could help others achieve the same benefit?

The opportunity came through my business – making mattresses for pain sufferers. The mattresses are the best in class. But we found that however good the mattress, some customers were still often getting only four hours sleep a night. I asked why they weren’t sleeping better. But they couldn’t pinpoint the reason. When I looked more closely I found that most of the problems were down to bad sleeping habits which had become ingrained. I set off on a journey to help people re-learn how to sleep well. It’s now my mission.

The first time I helped a customer sleep better - in a period of just weeks - was a huge thrill. There have been many more success stories since. Making A Difference is a great feeling. 

Sleep is made up of so many facets and everyone can improve at least one aspect of their sleep. The solutions I offer don’t involve medicines. They’re based on small tweaks to behaviours and attitudes about sleep – and they have benefits that last. They make the best use of technology and research, but we make it easy for people. The customer controls how much they pay and they stop paying when they are no longer are getting added value.

A sleep crisis is gradually developing. Sleep is under attack. There are work and business pressures, stress, too many electronic screens and our 24/7 lifestyles. The fact that good sleep is a cornerstone of good health and contributes to good mood, good judgement and good performance is being overlooked. So helping people sleep better is a great way to make a difference. 

Over the years, I feel I’ve done some great things in business. But nothing has given me as much satisfaction as making a difference in this way. I got a flavour of this feeling fifteen years ago when the family business Hale Furnishings set up a scheme to give away £200,000 worth of furniture each year to people and groups in need. It gave us a great buzz.

But helping people enjoy the gift of good sleep is in a different league of satisfaction. Can I help you do what I did and find that gift?