Why we only use one Tweak at a time

People often tell me: “I’ve tried everything to sleep better and nothing works”. But trying everything is sometimes the problem. Good sleep has many different aspects. In my experience working on too many things at once means you can’t tell what’s working. That can be discouraging.

When I was training as a scientist, we learned to do experiments. When we were trying to find the right answer we only changed one thing as a time. This allowed us to work out what was the most important factor. It took a bit of time but it meant that we could be confident we were on to the right solution.

For most children, sleep is simple. It just means closing their eyes and waking up nine hours later. But as we get older, good sleep is affected by many different things: our health, how much we exercise, what we eat, what’s going on around us, stress, routine, distractions in our personal life. It’s a long list.

So at TweakSleep, our experienced sleep coaches help you understand what to work on first. They only suggest one Tweak at a time and keep everything else the same to start with.

Practicing that one Tweak for two weeks allows you to rule out improvements that might just have happened by chance.

Even if you don’t make instant progress in the first few days, that can help by telling you what’s not causing your sleep problem.

But if you do get a quick improvement you can be confident about the result and that will encourage you to practice more.

Remember that to begin with even ten minutes more sleep per night is an extra sixty hours a year. Every little helps.

I look back on my sleep story and realise that I became a poor sleeper gradually. So it took me a bit of time for me to become a good sleeper again. I needed to show a little patience.

Your sleep coach is there to guide support and encourage you to relearn better sleep. They’ll make sure you Tweak just one thing at a time.